M6 Consulting Services GmbH
Charausgasse 35
1230 Vienna

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Company Registration Information:

Company Name: M6 Consulting Services GmbH
Registered Office: Charausgasse 35, 1230 Vienna, Austria
Commercial Register Number: FN 570799 k

Scope of Business:

M6 Consulting Services GmbH specializes in providing consultancy services in the fields of online sports, online entertainment, and video streaming services. The company is also involved in the development of new business ideas in the online sector.

Disclosure Requirements:

M6 Consulting Services GmbH is subject to the provisions of the Austrian E-Commerce Act (ECG) and the Austrian Trade Regulation Act (GewO). For more information on the applicable regulations, please visit the Austrian Federal Chancellery's legal information system at

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